Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trying not to get my hopes up....

After my job interview yesterday I got a call today from the job agency. They had rang one of my referees and needed to speak to another, my workmate Trevor knows Im looking for another job so I asked him if he would be a referee for me! So he called the lady and I dunno how it went as I went home just as he was finishing up! He managed a very good though I will probably get an answer either way tomorrow or Friday at the very latest EEEEEEEEEEEK. I still havent heard back from the job interview I went to on Monday....and I know they will be doing second interviews so hmmmm If I get offered this one I guess I'll have to take it!!

Onto todays outfit:

I couldnt help but wear my new shoes again hehe.

White blazer - Thrifted
Grey top - Glassons
Jeans - Supre
Shoes - The Warehouse


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