Friday, May 14, 2010

New Jacket take 2!!

Friday has finally arrived hurrah! Work went soooo slow today :( Only four more days to go eeeeek! I managed to get a rego and wof for my car uesterday then today my check engine light decides to come on and my car is running like crap :( GAH. Cant it just go right? I have no idea what the problem is......really dont need this right now grrrrr.

I finally got the second hooded leather jacket I bought over a week ago today! Now I have to decide whether I keep the brown one or the grey one...I dont need two hooded leather jackets!

For some reason when I upload pics it just puts them up the top of the page no matter where my cursor is....pissing me off but I cant be arsed mucking around so sorry about that!

Now tell me - the brown jacket or the grey jacket?


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