Monday, June 28, 2010

What I did this weekend...

My weekend wasnt anything too exciting lol. Friday I was pretty tired so headed to bed early, I had a personal training session at 9am sat morning which went well, got me a new programme to sort out now! I did a bit of shopping after that as ya do hehe then Saturday night we went to a 21st for a bit then did some laps as it was the last night that you are legally able to cruise around some chch streets! Its a bit sad really banning cars from going on certain roads at certain times....its not gonna solve anything. They will just go elsewhere. My bf has already received a text saying where they plan on cruising next.....cops are really stupid sometimes, instead of coming up with a decent idea they just go oh well we''' just gove them (more) fines and ban them from certain they will add the fines to their tab then find other streets to cruise on....not rocket science!!

ANywho I didnt really get any outfit pics this weekend couldnt be arse to be honest lol. I wore this to work last week I like all the purple hehe

Dress: The Warehouse
Tights - Farmers
Boots - Number one shoe warehouse
belt - Trademe
Cardy - Trademe

Sunday was pretty quiet we went round to my Nanas for lunch then just veged out watching movies :)

Hope you all had a great weekend xxx

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