Monday, October 24, 2011

We are the Champions!!

Hi Lovelies, hope you all had a fab weekend! Well Im sure you've all heard that the Rugby World Cup has been in full swing here in New Zealand well the finaly was lastnight and New Zealand is the 2011 RWC Champions!!! Yay All Backs. Not going to lie, It was a very stressful game to watch, last time we played them we smashed them by 20 points and lastnight we only beat them by 1!!! I nearly died. But alas we prevailed and I think we really deserved it, especially after the crappy year NZ has had with earthquakes etc

We had a BBQ and drinks at a mates and watched it on his big screen....heres some highlights below:

My stoked face after we won lol

Starting early - note fairly sober looking and a tidyish house

Less sober, skyping a mate who was watching the rugby in the UK after the game

Tweeting after the win!

Had to take some pics of the TV of the All Blacks with the Cup - Go Richie!!

 Look how stoked everyone is! We made alot of noise haha sorry neighbours! Very proud to be a New Zealander :) There was a parade in Auckland today and they will be in Christchurch tomorrow...I'll be slaving away at work though.  I think its really amazing how the whole country got behind the boys in black - see you in England in 4 years!

I'll be back with an outfit post tomorrow. Happy Labour Day lovelies xxx


  1. Well done for the cup, you surely deserved it. A tiny thought for France tho, we did great too :)

  2. Thank you! You sure did very well congrats to you also xx

  3. Yes it was a tight match wasn't it! 1 point!! But it made for an interesting game - it really could've gone either way. ABs definitely deserved to win after being unbeaten throughout the tournament. Looks like you had a great evening!

    Sadie x


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