Monday, October 3, 2011

In The Hills

Hey lovelies! Hope you all had a fab weekend - I had a pretty good one, as you know from my last post Friday was a pretty good day/night, Saturday I wandered to the mall and picked me up some spiffy new gym shoes which also came with a free t-shirt and water bottle hehe, a tennis racket and some balls then me and the boy biked down to a local school and played us some tennis! All was going well until the boy was practising his serves and served me up a ball to the neck :( We then biked home and chilled & went lingere shopping as ya do. Saturday night we had some drinkies at ours then Sunday we went out to Ruapuna and watched cars to burnouts till their tyres popped then walked to Hagley Park to the Rugby World Cup Fan Zone and watched NZ play (read kick arse) Canada along with 3000 odd other people - was a good day! I then somehow ended up watching 2012 by myself for a bit Sunday night which wasnt ideal as the earthquake scenes just brought back some shitty memories :( But alas its just a movie!

Dress & belt - Glassons, Tights - Farmers, Shoes - Factorie

I went up the port hills recently to get some pictures with the view of Christchurch in the background but silly me didnt think about the sun! Unfortunately it was in the wrong position to get pictures with the view in the background so I had to settle with trees haha good to have a different background to my pictures though! Oh and please ignore the need to iron my dress I didnt have time to iron it!

Happy Monday xxx


  1. Adore the color of that dress on you! I can see you wearing teal heels or even some teal accessories with this and making it that much more funky. Isn't nice to have a change in scenery lol, I always try but sometimes just in front of my house is all I get time for lol


  2. Cute dress! Sounds like a great weekend! And why do boys always hit us with their equipment?!? My bf hit me three times with the shuttlecock last time we played badminton!! rude!

    I was going to watch 2012 too but then my Ma skyped me just as it began - ahah typical!

    Sadie x

  3. I wish i had teal heels and accessories!! yeah i try but never seem to get the time :(

    Haha Sadie their just big meanys eh! I skyped my Mummy lastnight ;) xx

  4. gorgeous dress, really love it

  5. Snap! Great minds think a like aye ;)
    That dress is great on you & the burgundy colour is delicious!
    I spend ages ironing my mustard one - then it crinkled in about 2 mins of wear, bloody nylon grrrr.

  6. For sure ;) Oh lame....guess I wont bother ironing it then lol will fly with the wrinkled look :P


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