Monday, October 17, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Hi Lovelies! Sorry about the lack of posts I had a super busy weekend. Topped off lastnight with the All Blacks caning the Aussies in the Rugby World Cup semi-final!!! We now face France in the final next Sunday - bring it on!

Sooo lets rewind to Friday, Friday was date night so me and the boy went out for dinner to a freshly rebuilt Indian restaurant and I had me some yummy butter chicken, Naan Bread and a wine, we followed up by getting some DVDs and some pudding and snuggling on the couch. Saturday we got the groceries, had some lunch then went and played some paint ball with a bunch of mates - fun! That took up the rest of the afternoon then we went to a mates for a BBQ and watched Wales vs France, we then met some mates at a pub on the way home and ended up back at theirs watching a movie. Sunday we chilled then went to my Nana's along with my brother for a yummy lunch then caught up with some mates, had some dinner then walked down to Hagley Park Fanzone to watch the RWC semi-final. Full on weekend for once!

See? Non-straight hair paler pink....weird

Shirt & Shorts - JayJays, Flats - Factorie, Jacket - Kmart

And some pics of us down at the fanzone lastnight!

The big screen

Me and the boy

Crowd view - about 4000 people there, the atmosphere was pretty awesome, everyone cheering and clapping when we scored a try and the roar when we won crazy! Was a late school night but worth it.

Happy Monday lovelies xxx


  1. Congrats to the ABs!! And shame on you Wales!! Pah! ;)
    Sounds like you had a very full on weekend indeed! I like your hair like this, it looks really cool :) There were a few sore heads in work this morning after the late game - I didn't watch it but I hear they did very well indeed!

    Sadie x

  2. Yeah bit of a shame about Wales - such a close game! Thanks hun :) Yeah a few tired people at work today - myself included! xx

  3. Wow sounds like tons of fun especially with big cheering crowds. I wanted to tell how much better I like your hair like this. Seems like it has a bit of a wave that looks so natural, I like the pink a lot more now that its toned down a bit.


  4. I love this outfit! I really like the pale pink as well, it definitely suits you!

  5. Yay go the all blacks!! Haha I spent all weekend watching rugby instead of unpacking my house - argh so much to dooooo!!



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