Thursday, November 24, 2011

Movie Characters & Flying

Hey lovelies, some more pics from our holiday in the Gold Coast today, we crammed in so much so lots to show! We went to three theme parks, the second we went to was Movie World. It was pretty cool! Think cartoon characters walking around, some great rides our fav was the Superman ride - intense! Im proud to say I tried all the rollercoasters (that were working lol) but once was enough fo each!

View at Moveie World of shops

Harry Potter Shop!

Stunt show = very cool!

The parade - they were shuffiling toParty Rock Anthem so funny!


Sun bathing at Hotel

Chilling on a beach - we went kayaking to this island

then scuba dived


Then went parasailing.....high much? I was kinda scared and started to feel sick form being so high - wont be doing that again!

                                                                View while parasailing!

Thats all for today folks, stay tuned to find out what else we got up to! Time to catch up with a mate now and Friday tomorrow yay! xxx


  1. Looks like an amazing holiday.
    I was too chicken to go on the rollercoasters when I was there in May!

  2. PARASAILING! You're so brave. I didn't know Movie World had a Harry Potter shop! Eeek! Awesome.

  3. OMG i have considered parasailing a couple of times and never had the guts to do it - so good on you!!!! And the Harry Potter shop looks cool!

    Sadie x


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