Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The beginning of the lace story!

Hey peeps, its a long weekend this weekend and you might remember I decided I wanted to have a "lace weekend: where I wear all my lace items in different ways over the weekend. I cant wait and Ive decided to start early hehe:

Lace top - Tempt
Black mini - Supre
Black strappy wedges - Number 1 shoe warehouse
Black bangle - Cotton On
Silver earrings - A gift

I love this lace top its so cute! It has cute ruffles and buttons and a wee tie hehe. It was quite a nice warm day today so I just teamed it with a mini :)

Ive been busy again appyling for jobs. I had another Interview today! I think it went ok? The only thing is out of the two interviews Ive had so far I just cant see myself working at either......but I really need to get out of my job before I go insane.....ugh I hate decisions!!

On a good note Dads out of hospital and home. They were planning on going down to Cromwell this weekend but hes not allowed to travel so my Brother is flying up to Auckland for the weekend and my Mum offered to fly me and my bf up there too!! So we are off to Auckland on Friday until Sunday :) So we get a few days away in Auckland and a few days at home to relax - I cant wait!!


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