Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I saw Lady Gaga!

Last weekend me and my friend hopped on a plane again and went to Auckland to see Lady gaga live in concert. It was epic!! Ive never been to anything like it in my life. We flew up late Friday - getting to bed around 1am as our flight was delayed :( We were staying with my parents so I was able to catch up with them which was mint.
Saturday we went to the mall and got our hair curled and straigtened for free whoo hoo! My mum also shouted me a Demalogica facial which was lovely. We shopped, ate then got us some booze and headed to Mel's friends flat in central Auckland. We got ready for the concert, drank and got some pizza for tea then her friend dropped us at Vector Arena where the show was. It was HUGE! About 15,000 people I think. Lots of people wearing random Lady Gaga type outfits lol. The opening act was a band called Semi prescious weapons whom I'd never heard of haha. They were ok very energetic which was cool but not my kind of music! and very gay I might ass - think tights, high-helled gold sparkly boots etc lol
Anywho Lady Gaga came on and the crowd went wild!! My ears were ringing for a few days after . The show was epic! lots of dancing and outregaous outifts, big set including fire coming out of her piano! Was so awesome!!!! We managed to sneak in hip flasks of straight jaggermeister and bought some pepsi (for $5.20 a 600ml bottle I might add!) went to the loos and filled up our sups with half of each and walla a yummy drink to enjoy the show with! Afterwards we met her friends in town and partied the night away :)
Sunday I spent time with my parents before flying home again. Whew! Looking forward to spending some time home with the bf this weekend :)
Pictures from top:
Me after the show with the Sky City tower in the background.
One of gaga's sets
Me and Mel drinking our Jaggy and Pepsi
Me and Mel before heading to the show:
Black and pink dress - Trendz
Black 3/4 tights - Glassons
Blacl gladiator flats (not pictured)
Black bangles - Cotton On/Diva
Necklaces - silver a gift - black $1 to $8 shop
I know ive worn this dress before but I thought it was Gaga appropriate and I have changed my accecories/shoes and tights a little!
Last pic is of me at Mel's friends flat.
Back to normal tomorrow me thinks!

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