Thursday, March 4, 2010

What Autumn?

Hey peeps! Its finally the weekend for me yay! Just enjoyed me a bourbon mmmm bourbon. Today is also payday thankgod! Got the groceries, paid the a bit left for shopping and food in Wellington so :D
It was another beaut day in Christchurch today so I was rocking the summer outfit today.....was in a bit of a rush so pretty simple and casual. I took some photos outside today, the first ones came out really bright, I think it looks quite cool - alothough it nakes my hair look orange and white lol.
So me and my friend are off to Wellington tomorrow for the weekend so i shall be absent for a few days - im also taking my laptop into the shop tomorrow to get them to look at a few things, not too sure when im gonna get it back so bare with me! I will have heaps of pics and stories of my weekend next week some time no doubt :) In the mean time hope you all have a great weekend and I'll see you next week!
Blue top - Jay Jays
Denim shorts - Valley Girl
Belt - Valley Girl
Black sandals - Number one shoe warehouse
Silver earrings - a gift


  1. Love the blue and blue together! And how the brown belt breaks it up!

  2. Loving this weather! Your hair is looking lovely in this shot too everything looking relaxed. Have a good time in wellington!

  3. Thanks Elaine!

    Awww thanks Charlie Welly was awesome! Cant wait to put pics up, my laptop is in getting fixed though not sure when im getting it back :(


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