Sunday, February 28, 2010

Different Scenery

The weekend is nearly over :( Only a four day working week this week though yay! Saturday I went for a walk/run around Hagley park - I ran the furtherest I have so far yay me! I then went to the mall to pick up a pressy for my friends baby shower then headed over there. Was good to catch up, made sure I got some pictures of me and her while shes still preggers - not long to go now! They also had a BBQ so I stuffed myself with yummy food hehe Later I picked up the boy from work along with our new Home theatre system :) I left the boys to set that up and went to a 21st with my friend.....another BBQ too haha. I got shouted all night I didnt pay a cent it was great, even scored a free ride home.
Today ive been very lazy, watched a couple of movies and went to the shoe warehouse and bought me some kicks hehe. Ive wanted some for awhile now to wear with my skinnys when it gets too cold for open toed shoes.
I feel like ive done nothing today though....I feel like a shoulda baked something or cleaned my car or something lol just cant be arsed though......
Anyway onto my outfits:
skinny grey "jeggings" - Glassons
Blue bow dress worn as a top - Valley Girl
Black sandals - Number one shoe warehouse
Purple skirt - Valley Girl
Pink dress worn underneath - Supre
Black belt - Pagani
Gladiator sandals - Number one shoe warehouse


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend.
    Love the outfits too -the bow detail on that top so cute!

    Hey sometimes find it a bit hard to see all the details in your shots - maybe upload them at a larger size so we can see those great outfits better?

  2. Thanks chicky! I have a thing for lace and bows at the moment hehe.

    Thanks so much for telling me that I appreciate it! I will try for a bigger picture 2moro, let me know if its better :)


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