Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another weekend

Bugger I deleted my outfit I wore out Friday night.....oh well. This outfit is boring as cos I was hungover yesterday so I went for comfort. I had a job interview Friday, I think it went well, however they told me I wont be getting the $ ive asked for :( so looks like im gonna have to take a pay cut to get a new job waaaaaaaaaaa. I should know this week whether I have either of the two jobs I applied for. eeeeeeeeeek. James had an interview on Friday too so fingers crossed for him! Be great if he can go back to a mon-fri job. Anywho today im not hungover so im gonna go do some shopping hehe....after ive done the housework of course!

Blue top - Jay Jays
Black tights - Glassons
Black shoes - The Warehouse


Update: I found my other pic hehe

Green singlet top - Prinicipals
Skirt - Principals
Wedges - Number one shoe warehouse
Necklace - Diva or somewhere like that lol


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