Sunday, February 14, 2010


I accidentally went shopping again on Saturday whoops - but I found this cute as bow belt! I had to wear it hehe. I really was hoping for some feedback on my post from friday but I just gotta keep trucking on if no one is gonna comment! Although I did get one outfit comment so thankyou :) My bf hopefully will find out Monday if he def has his new job so Im looking forward to spending the weekend with him yay! He'll have to work Saturday mornings but only for a few hours so no biggy. Im just getting so tired of waiting for a job to come along for me, Ive been looking and applying for so long and im having no luck :( Its gotta be my turn soon come on! Anyway weekend has been pretty quiet so far as Im trying to save $. Next weekend will be an expensive one with car shows and drags so makes sence to have a quiet one this one! Looking forward to Valentines dinner with my boy tonight yay!
White singlet - Supre
Blue singlet - Supre
Black skirt - Supre
Bow belt - Cotton On
Gladiator sandals - Number one shoe warehouse

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