Friday, February 12, 2010

A cry for Help

Right so today is Friday its supposed to be a good day but so far its been shite. I got a rejection letter from one of the jobs I had an interview for.....awaiting the next one. Ive been trying for months when am I gonna catch a break? To top that off too the bf got offered a new job happy for him but a bit bummed too :( Anywho I wanna whinge about blogging etc I put all my outfit pics on here and on my Chictopia page, Ive had a few comments on here, a few comments on Chictopia and one or two votes for my outfits (If you have a chictopia account you'll know what I mean) BUT Im dissapointed, I know Im not the most fashionable person around but trust me - I dress alot better than I ever used to and im still learning and getting inspirations from other bloggers, what Im trying to say (I think) is that I dont understand why I get f-all comments and votes etc when ALOT of other girls where the same/similar outfits to me?? Ive never been a wear makeup everyday and have inpeccable hair kind of person thats just not me, so is it cos I never really have my hair and makeup done? Is it cos I dont pose for my photos like a model? Is it cos even though im wearing the same outfit as other girls (who get heaps of comments and votes) I somehow just cant pull it off? Or is it just cos my outfits are that hideous? Just getting me down a bit because ive been trying to step out of my comfort zone and be creative (with the limited $ etc I have) and im getting such a small following/reception. I know Im new to this so maybe you guys have some suggestions? What do you think is wrong with my outfits/pics? What can I do to attract more followers to my blog/chictopia? Suggestions welcome!!! Help!lol
To my outfit today - I love my new shirt so I had to wear it again my bad hehe
Shirt - Jay Jays
Shorts - Glassons
Belt - Valley Girl
Shoes - The Warehouse
Thanks for listening xxxx

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