Thursday, February 3, 2011

Summer Dresses

Are awesome! I love the bright colour of this dress and the cute flowers. I have worn it before but I have changed it up with a belt, different shoes and accesories and some 3/4 tights. Go me! Its such a super comfy dress too - complete with pockets. How is everyones week going? My poor friends came over last night with some of her stuff as she has broken up with her bf that she lives with :( Poor muffin. So lastnight was spent keeping her comforted. Hopefully she'll be right as rain before we know it. Im glad theres only two more days of work until its the weekend again yay!

Dress - Jay Jays, Tights - Glassons, Belt - Trendz, Shoes - Rubi

Im not sure whats wrong with mother nature but she has not been kind in the last year or so!! Earthquakes, floods and now a cyclone in my neighbouring Aussie! Its landed in the early hours of this morning thankfully not as bad as they thought and as far as I can see with no casualties which is great. Stay safe everyone! xxx 

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