Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentines day my dear followers! Ive had a great day so far, got a heart shaped balloon and some chocolates at work then went out for dinner at a local restaurant  with the boy it was lovely we shared some garlic and herb chips, pizza and topped it off with white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake :) Its great as the restaurant is literally around the corner so we just walked there and back - they even gave me a single rose. I know the boy got me something but I havent received it yet.....hmmmmm lol. I sent the boy some choclates at work that got delivered by a lady with angel wings who also gave all his workmates heart shaped lollipops hehe. I had a cute wee note with it too, he loved it. I just wanted to do something cute and different - what did you do for your significant others?

I got a bit excited about my outfit pictures today sorry since I actually put some makeup on - I tend to take a bit more when that happens since its so infrequent!

I also wanted to show off my new dress, new wedges and new necklace!

Dress - Trademe ($1.50!!), Wedges - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Belt - Pagani, Heart necklace - JayJays

Bag - Equip

Butterfly ring - Trendz

I love the cute pleating detail on the dress :)

I couldnt resist posing with the balloon hehe

Jacket - Trendz

Sorry for the super cheesyness guys, its only once a year :P I best go and spend the rest of the night with my love. Hope you all have a great day with people you love xxx


  1. cool wedges - peeptoes are on my wishlist...

  2. Thanks, im pretty much in love with them hehe ;) x

  3. Cute dress! I love the pics with the balloon : )

  4. Love the wedges and the photos with the balloon. How sweet.

  5. Thank you for the kind comment :) x

  6. I adore this outfit! Love everything about it, the pleats, the belt, AND those gorgeous shoes, swoon. You have a lovely blog + style. xx veronika

  7. Aww thats so sweet thanks chicky! xx

  8. Awww girl you look gorgeous! Happy valentines day. It sounds like you and your man had a special evening - what did he get you in the end?@!

  9. awww shucks thanks hun! I didnt get anything :( He went to get whatever it was and it was sold out lol so im told it will one day appear into my life :P x

  10. I'm loving your shoes!

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