Monday, January 31, 2011

Denim Dress

Super creative title huh? I decided to wear this dress one last time before I sell it on Trademe. Im slowly getting through my wardrobe and selling the stuff I just really dont wear. This dress is really comfy but I much prefer my denim to be a skirt or jeans! It has a denim belt thing you tie in a bow but I decided to leave that off in this case.

Wedges - Numner 1 Shoe Warehouse, Tights - Farmers, Dress - Jay Jays

The start of another week and with a cold too yay for me, I had to take my phone in to the shop today because it keeps turning itself off all the time its so frustrating, they might have to have it for a few days so im feeling a little lost :( The week can only get better though right? xxx 

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