Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pops of Colour

I really dont like wearing all black.....makes me feel like an emo or something haha, no offence to any emo's out there of course - each to their own! It just makes me feel a bit morbid so I try and incorporate a bit of colour to my black outfits. Case in point today - a pop of pink! I got the cute short sleeved cardigan type thing for $10 from Tempt awhile ago, it is soooo comfy and hides the wobbly bits just right ;)

Wedges - Rubi, Tights - Farmers, Dress - Supre, Top - Tempt, Watch - A Gift

I have had such a productive Saturday so far! I cleaned the house this morning, the carpet honestly hasnt been vaccumed for weeks oooops. Looks great now! We then went out and I cashed in my cheque I finally got from the Earthquake Commission (if you remember we had a magnatude 7.1 earthquake here in September last year, some of my contents were damaged and Ive waited this long to be paid out), posted some stuff I sold on Trademe, had some lunch, bought a weed eater and hedge cutters and cleaned my car! We also did stuff the bf needed to do like fix his bike tyre but all in all a very productive day so far and its only 5pm! I must head off now and get ready for tonight - I will fill you in tomorrow! Hope you all have a fab weekend xxx

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