Thursday, January 6, 2011


Ive noticed a few bloggers with New Years Resolutions or more things they would like to do/achieve this year. Which got me thinking, Im not one for resolutions as I will most likely forget within a week haha. So instead Im going to share a few things I would like to do/see happen this year - no pressure to myself!

1. Have better relationships.
With the BF, friends and family. Treat people with more respect, make more time to see people, enjoy the little things, do little things for people without expecting anything in return.

2. Save Money.
Enough said. Which brings me to:

3.Travel overseas.
I have desperately wanted to travel the world since I was a young teen. This year is the year I am going to dammit! The bf cant really afford to so I may be going by myself........whichever way I am going to at some stage in 2011!!

4. Laser Eye Surgey.
When I was in Auckland recently I got an assessment to see whether I was eligible for Laser Eye Surgery and I am. Its nearly 6k but there is the option of paying it over 12 months. I would like to get this done this year or at least have it booked by the end of the year - travel first!

5. My Car
I would like to (finally) get a re-tune for my ride. Anything else I manage to do will be a bonus but definately a re-tune!

6. Hair
I would like to do something funky and out there with my hair. At the moment im tossing up between dark blond roots and bright coloured dip died ends or dark dark brown with a bright colour underneath.....I need a programme to try different hair colours on my photo and see what looks best - any ideas?

I would like to move up the ladder at work. There isnt much room for promotion where I am so If I cant get a promotion I would at least like to do well at my yearly review and get myself a pay rise and a bonus! Also if studying is an option I will do that too.

8. Health.
I want to take care of myself better. Watch my drinking and not drink to excess. Continue to walk to work everyday and do excersise at LEAST 4 times a week. I also want to eat smaller dinner portions, eat better snacks, more raw food and say NO to junk!

Wow. I just sat down to write these now with no pre planning (because I cant write with my hand yet haha) and I cant believe how many I have come up with! I would really like to achieve most - lets see what happens!

Do you have any resolutions this year?


  1. These sound like perfect resolutions - I want to travel too (and am heading to Vancouver mid year) and save some dollars. I'm also job hunting! Sounds like we are on the same page :)

  2. Thanks hun! Awww your lucky you already know where you're travelling to I wouldt have a clue haha.


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