Monday, January 3, 2011

Not such a good start to the year for me :(

We went camping for a few days with mates to celebrate New was all going great until I tripped over a chilli bin in the darkness and landed on broken glass. I cut my hand open pretty good, blood everywhere......Ambulance ride 45 minutes back into Christchurch (thank god we werent too far away!) a good 5 hours in ED and I got some stitches in my hand. Rather painful :( Im a bit of a wuss too, I hate Hospitals, pain, blood, all that stuff so I was not having fun at all! Its my right hand too which is my writing hand. I was supposed to be going back to work Wednesday but wont be until at least next Monday. Im hoping this is starting 2011 off with the worst thing thats going to happen - it can only  get better from here right?

Heres a pic of earlier on New Years Eve - Me and the BF and our mate to the left lol:

and my bung hand:
I hope you all had a better New Years than I did. Im hoping my hand will get better and better each day so I can resume normal activities asap! Its so frustrating having this happen while im on holiday :( I will be catching up on my outfits Ive already taken pics of but havent posted yet as Im a bit limited in what I can wear - not easy to do buttons up with one hand.

Heres to a fantastic rest of 2011!!!

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