Friday, December 31, 2010

My present to myself is.....

A brand spanking new paid of Jeffrey Campbells!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited. Serial. I have lusted after so many bloggers who are lucky enough to own Jeffrey Campbells. I love a pair of shoes a bloggers wearing and scroll down and seriously 9 times out of 10 they are Jeffrey Campbells! I can get them online from overseas but Ive never got anything from overseas before and the thought just kind of freaks me out really, plus not into buying something that I cant try on first. But alas I have found ONE shoe shop in NZ that sells Jeffrey Campbell YAY. Of course they are only in Auckland though, so when I went up to Auckland for Christmas I made dear Mummy take me to have a gander and I walked away with these babies:

ARent they gorgeous? Im in love. Cant wait to style them up! Funny thing too is as you can probably make out a little but there they are called "Woodies" by Jeffrey Campbell. My favourite drink is Woodstock Bourben - i.e. what I call Woody hehe - must be fate huh?

Anywho enough babbling I am off camping for a few days to celebrate New Years. I have 8 bottles of wine and an 18 pack of you think that will be enough? See you all in the New Year, cant wait bring on 2011!!! xxx

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