Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dots and Flats

Lastnights sleep was a bit better and same with my workday so yay! Lets go one better tomorrow huh? We got to unwrap our secret santa gifts today I got a pack with a cool mug and some chocolate. Im gonna get so fat this Christmas theres so many lollies and chocolate at work - but ya know what? Im not going to feel bad or deprive myself because Its only once a year so im going nuts (whilst eating semi healthily between times and still going to the gym lol).

I decided to girly/funk up a basic shorts and T-shirt combo with my polka dot tights, bow headband and my new $5 flats!

Shorts - Valley Girl, Tights - Glassons, Flat - Cotton On, T-shirt - Supre

Please exscuse the retarded expressions on my face lol

I only have one Christmas present left to get and I know exactly what Im getting yay. Only 6 more working days until I get a wee holiday stokeeeeeeed. I'm definately counting down. How are you all getting on with your Christmas shopping?


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  1. Wish I could wear sheer nylons with shorts but I always go for opaque ones (hide my pasty white legs)love the flats to a classic combo,I tried yellow tights with my denim shorts and patent flats,about as brave as I will Sara starting a blog soon :-)


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