Monday, December 13, 2010


I had the day off work today, had my car booked in for a warrant. Failed. So annoyed!! He failed me for a brake light out and my exhaust is too loud. I have tested the brake light and its going so I dont know what hes on about.....I should have tested it while I was there. As for my exhaust ugh. Im going to have to buy/borrow a silencer, so far my search to borrow one is getting me nowhere. Very frustrating at this time of the year because I dont want to be spending extra money grrrrr. and driving around with no warrant isnt cool either.

Anywho. Enough moaning. I went xmas shopping with my friend and had a yummy pizza lunch. I have managed to get everyone presents except for two. One I will get this weekend and the other I can do online so pretty much done yay! Picked up a dress and cute top for myself too of course hehe.

I picked up this top on special, I love the electric blue and whispy sheer fabric.
My hair I got done ages ago, lightened the underneath so its pretty much all blond now!

Heels - Warehouse, Skirt - Supre, Tights - Farmers, Top - Max

The pictures dont do the top justice, it is a beautiful bright electric blue.

Lets hope the rest of my week is better, off to work again tomorrow but its only a 4 day week and we have lots of Christmas themed competitions happening so should be fun!



  1. I really love the top, but I'm more partial to your shoes!

  2. Awww thanks so much Mandy! You'll be gutted to hear I recently sold them :(

  3. Your glowing, I love your hair and I think it suit perfectly in your complexion.Are you using natural cosmetics? Cause I find your aura simply natural yet glamorous.

  4. Wow thanks heaps! I dont really wear makeup alot to be honest, Im not actually wearing any makeup in this picture lol


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