Sunday, December 19, 2010

Whats up with this weather?

Hows everyones weekends going? Mines been pretty good so far.....bit sick of the weather though! It doesnt rain that much in Chch but this week its been quite wet and miserable, then yesterday it was FREAKING hot, muggy and humid and sunny. Perfect weather for my friends birthday, she had a picnic.drinks/bbq out at the Groynes - a massive park area basically. We sat in the shade still sweating our butts off and drinking it was great! we then came back home and continued drinking then hit the town for a boogie :) Today its just been a bit of domesticated housework and some chillaxing. Im ending the weekend with a roast chicken for dinner hell yeah! But anywho back to the weather after yesterdays chronic heat and nice weather its wet n dreary again WTF? Sort it out mother nature!

Maxi - Valley Girl, Sandals - Hannahs, Belt - Dotti, Headband - Equip

This outfit is from a few weeks ago.....Im still behind sorry guys lol

I still cant believe its nearly Christmas, it just doesnt feel like it! Ive done all my shopping, just need to wrap the rest of my presents and Im 100% done! Need to sort out dinner with the bfs Family before we fly up to Auckland to spend Christmas with my family and have a mini break away before coming back down and going to Ashley Gorge for New Years! Soooooooo cant wait to have some time off work!! xxx

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