Thursday, December 23, 2010

Its Over!

Well peeps work is finally over for the year for me YAY! I should feel really awesome and relaxed right now but to be honest I feel a little stressed and grumpy and tired :( My only a few weeks old sandals that I LOVE broke today and I had to walk home (about half an hour) with two different shoes on which was rather uncomfortable. I then raced to the repair shop to drop my cell phone charger in as it does not work and they were closed! I got there before their closing and there was no signs saying they were going to close early - pissed off! I then went to the mall to get a replacement pair of sandals but noooo they dont have any anymore. Gutted. I bought myself a $5 pair of black jandals instead. Not fulfilled because I liked the sandals because they dont have that little bit you have between your toes which can be annoying and sore sometimes.....needless to say im on the hunt for some sandals for summer!

I really like this outfit, I love the white lace with the grey. I also love my new $8 wedges. Yup $8 lol.

shorts - Glassons, Wedges - Trademe, White top - Supre, Lace top - Cotton On

The countdown is on for Christmas now! Tomorrow I have to go get me a warrant - a re-check that is so I better pass! Try and get my charger into the repairer again if they decide to be open, pack and then we are going to the bf's Mums for dinner and presents before flying up to Auckland for Christmas with my family! Cant wait!!!

I think Im gonna go drink some wine now.......I totally deserve it and I wanna get outta this funky mood. Hopefully I will be able to post up some blogs while im up in Auckland. Take care! xxx

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