Friday, December 17, 2010


Awesome title huh? Thats for the Lion on my top hehe. It was a rather hot day when I took these pics - a lazy Sunday so I was cute and casual.......well thats what U was going for anyway! Guess what? its finally Friday yay! We had the yummiest lunch at work today, hot ham, roast veges, salad, buns mmmmmm I stuffed myself silly! Im looking forward to the weekend, Im getting my hair done tomorrow then my mates birthday celebrations - heres to sunny and hot weather over the weekend :)

I tried a different excersise called Power Plate tonight, its basically a vibrating machine that contracts your muscles really fast therefore performing a few low impact exercises is like a whole gym workout! I am skeptical but Im also interested to see if it works! I went for a free trial tonight.....not sure If im going to sign uo yet. Has anyone tried Power Plate before? Thoughts? Let me know!

Shorts - Glassons, Top - Valley Girl, Flats - The Warehouse, Hat - Illicit, Sunnies - free

Sorry I look so pasty, Ive decided Im not all for tan lines so im embracing my inner pasty and lathering on the sun screen. Hopefully I take on a nice glow naturally, if not I'll just be pasty or I'll fake tan......I hate fake tanning though haha. Quite liking how skinny my legs look in these pics too ;)

Hope you all have a great weekend! xxx

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