Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flowers and boots

Its finally starting to feel like summer! Friday night my workmate came over and we had a few drinks and chatted all night. Saturday was a beautiful day, sunny, hot and I just had to do the summery thing of a backyard BBQ and drinks :) It was a random night, I ended up going to town with my bf's mates lol. I forgot my ID and only realised when I went to get it out at the first bar we went what did I do? Just waltzed straight in haha. Theres also a club next door that you can walk into so we just stayed at those two clubs. I ended up getting home around 5am when it was getting light! I know have scratches all over my arms and a big scratch with the mad bruising around it on my leg from jumping into springy bushes - oh a a ruined pair of stockings :( Was def fun though!

Ive worn this dress before but obviously theres no point me photographing it again if I wear it the same way. Theres not alot I can do with a maxi dress so Ive added my bow belt and rocked it up abit with my lace up wedge boots. Got the whole pretty/grungy thing going on.

Dress - Glassons, Belt - Cotton On, Wedges - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine is continuing tomorrow, Im going to go shopping with my friend and get all my xmas shopping done. Only 8 more working days to go yay!


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