Friday, January 28, 2011


When I put this skirt and top on I realised I had worn it before! But alas it goes together great and I have styled it differently so I dont see the harm in wearing the same outfit twice - after all Im not a millionaire, I cant afford to buy new clothes every day and wear them only once - just keeping it real for you guys. I decided to casual this outfit up with my new chuck lookalikes. So comfy!

Hopefully I havent lost any of you after my wee absence, Im hoping things will be fine from now on and I can get back to regular posting :)

Shoes - Factorie, Tights - Farmers, Skirt - Valley Girl, Lace top - The Warehouse, Black singlet - Tempt

Do you like our pet roadcone?hehe

Im just glad its finally the weekend, im going to be very productive this weekend I feel! Hope you all have had a great week and an even better weekend to come! xxx


  1. Oooh, I love your lace top! I'm excited for the weekend toooo! xo

  2. Thanks hun :) Yay for weekends! x

  3. I do that probably kinda often, wearing the same two pieces together. but hey, if it works, it works! x

  4. Oh totally! You can always change up the accessories :)


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