Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back to Work

Well today was my first day back at work! It didnt start off great as I woke at 6am and couodnt get back to sleep :( I got to work and had 93 emails haha. Took me awhile to go through them all. My hand was ok, took a bit to get used to the mouse and gave me some sharp pains every now and again but nothing I couldnt handle. I dont think im going to be mentally all there at work till next week seeing as Im starting my week off on a Thursday! Im in weekend mode already because I have an exciting weekend ahead!

Heres some more outfit shots for you with my sexy bandage - you know you love it!

Jeans - Supre, Clogs - Rubi, Lace Top - Tempt, White singlet - Supre, Belt - Cotton On

Can you believe these shoes cost me 25c? I did have a voucher though and bought two pairs and only paid 50c so there ya go - 25c shoes ;)

Arent they cute though?

Im going to try to get to bed a bit earlier tonight so nighty night everyone. I will update you on my exciting weekend tomorrow!  xxx


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