Friday, January 14, 2011

Casino Royale

Hey folks - Its Friday yay! I wore this last Friday in fact, we went out to the casino as our mate just turned 20 and can now go to the casino. We had a yummy (and super cheap) dinner then hit the tables for some gambling. I suck at gambling and I dont really like it to be honest, I pretty much never go to the casino so I thought why not! I ended up $30 better off which I was happy with hehe. I quite like this outfit, its super comfy and I like how the strappy wedges and the thin belt add more to the simply look as well as my bag - love that bag!

Wedges - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Skirt - Supre, Top - Valley Girl, Bag - Equip

Not sure whats going on with my face here haha

Im starting off the weekend tonight with Hell Pizza for dinner mmmmm yum, they have the yummiest dessert pizza with banana, mixed berries, custard and white and dark chocolate buttons - delish! We have rented a few DVDs and gonna chill then tomorrow we are off to Hanmer Springs for the rest of the weekend - think Hotel, dinner out, hot pools, massages, spa's ahhhhh bliss. I will make sure to take pictures and fill you in when I get back! Have a great weekend everyone xxx


  1. I really love your hair braided to the side like that - looks great! I've never really gambled at any casinos before although have been with friends when they have made massive wins only to lose it all. guess that's the fun of it though right?!

  2. Thanks hun! Its so quick and easy to do :) Well I won the $30 then stopped lol I was happy with that! I'd be happy if I didnt gamble......mainly cos I dont know how but thats fine with me!


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