Wednesday, January 5, 2011

White and Beige

A wet day here in Christchurch today, a good day for me to chill inside and catch up on some things :) Although it is nearly 3pm and the most significant thing I have done is make an appointment to get the stitches out of my hand on Friday lol. Oh well I have two more days home alone and then the weekend till I have to go back to work! I see lots of bloggers have been doing new years resolutions......Im not one to do them as I alays forget but I think I will do some small ones - rather than the token Im going to loose weight etc. More on that later, to my outfit. I thought I would team my beige skirt with another light colour and what better colour than white? Unfortunately on the day I took these pictures my (only) white bra was in the wash. So enter a bright blue lacy number haha. So just ignore they straps and focus on the awesomness of my outfit ;)

Wedges - Trademe, Skirt - Stax, Top - Supre

Couldnt resist wearing my cute bow headband

Not bad wedges for $8 huh?

Im off to catch up on some Gossip Girl, hope you all have a great day xxx

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