Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend yay!

So it is the weekend again yay! Yesterday was awesome I finished work early, went out to Ruapuna to watch some drags, couldnt stay long though so missed alot :( Headed to my work do after that at Santorinis - its a greek restaurant. Free booze and food and some good yarns followed!! Was rather intoxicated lol Got home 1am ish i think!

Today i did a few chores round home then went to a dyno day with a mate. Cant wait to put my car on the dyno at some stage! After that i washed my car so its all shiny now hehe and just relaxing now with a bourbon, not sure what im going to do tonight, its been a beat day very hot just the way summer should be!

Heres some pics of my work do :)


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