Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catch up Sesh...

Right so the rest of my weekend.......Went out for dinner with some girlfriends on Saturday night - see lovely pic of me licking a satay chicken kebab hehe. After I came home half pissed and my bf went out LAAAAAME so i texted people up and ended up going clubbing with some mates then got picked up later by soe other mates and ended up home around 6am.....again lol. Then my mates got green stickered just after they dropped me off and had to come back, I offered them to stay but after much hmming and haaaing they risked it and drove home! Sunday was spent doing f-all haha

Monday I worked then headed to a mates and we took the dog for a walk and had a catch up then later me and my bf went back round and watched a move :) Ive been sleeping really shit lately so im running on empty b im so proud i still managed to get to the gym today! Hees hoping for a better sleep tonight :)

11 more ds of work till holidays YAY!


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