Friday, December 18, 2009

Free Stuff!

Today I started the day off with a free pack of Olive goodies from the Courier - shower gel, handcream, lip gloss etc Have no idea where its from, Ive entered alot of competitions so its bound to be from one of them, woulda helped if they had a sender addy or a card or letter or something! Then to top it off I won a free bottle of wine in a raffle at work yayyyy hehe. I walked home from work today and on my way stopped by a jewellers and got the bf's necklace fixed and got a pandora charm for my mum for xmas - cost me $5 hehe I had a voucher. All in all a pretty good day!

My outfit after work is pretty simple and comfy shown yet again with a shite pic lol

Black dress - supre

Tights - Farmers
P.s. I dunno how to rotate the pic so sorry about that!

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