Wednesday, December 23, 2009


IM ON HOLIDA YAY! Last day of work today thank god, time to relax and have some time to myself and my bf. It doesnt feel like im holiday yet, im sure it will start to feel like it 2moro though :) Getting all excited about Christmad - I cant wait to get my bfs presents and give him mine hehe. Was a rushed day after work, I squeezed in an hour and a half at the gym, then showered and braved the closes mall to get james a few wee things to put together in a package so I have 3 pressies for him hehe got myself some goodies too, some new shampoo and some Dove summer glow - im too pasty i need to tan a bit so im gonna cheat lol. Anywho I took a few horrible pics of my mall outfit hehe

Black skinnies - Jay Jays

Black T-shirt - Pass, mummy gave it to me

Green singlet - Jay Jays

Black Flats -N0 1 shoe warehouse

Butterfly Earrings - Diva or somewhere like that - they are so cute!

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