Monday, June 6, 2011

Sneak Peak of the new hair!

Hey Lovelies, happy Queens Birthday :) I had a hair appointment today.....I have been wanting to do something different to my hair for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages, its hard with long hair as there is only so much you can do. I have wanted to put bright colours in my hair for a long time but never had the courage but I thought my birthday is coming up and screw it I'm doing it! I played it safe and just got the underneath done bright purple and I also got the hairdresser to do it in case I screwed it up haha.

So here is you sneak peak of the new hair:

View from the back, I love how it just peaks out underneath, subtle yet different I love it! The bf loves it too......will be interesting to see what reactions I get at work tomorrow! Ive decided Im gonna try a different colour underneath every few months once its faded out - just to keep things different!

I'll be back with an outfit picture tomorrow, I am still about a month behind so you'll have to wait for a bit for my new hair to surface in my outfit pictures sorry dudes.

Happy Monday xxx

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