Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Leather Look

Hello Lovelies! I am coming to you from Sky City Hotel in Auckland, im working up here for the week then heading to my parents on Friday for the weekend to catch up and hang, looking forward to it! I am getting some study done while I am up here and trying to squeeze in some gym time too, I am only able to sporadically get onto the internet so my posts this week may be a bit sporadic too but I will be back to normal next week.

As the title suggests and as you may guess by my outfit pictures I have found me some leather look pants.....I have wanted some for ages and these are super comfy and fit well love them! In fact this outfit is all new, I love the plain top as its a different sort of colour than what I have and of course the cut out sleeves = win. With my obsession for wedges I couldnt turn these puppies down unfortunately arent they funky? and closed in to keep my tootsies warm through winter hehe.

Pants - Valley Girl, Wefges - Glassons, Top - Glassons

Not fantastic pictures as the boy was not home so the boys Brother did it and I really didnt want to be fussy as that meant I may have to explain exactly what I do with my photos.....dont really want to have that conversation lol.

Happy Tuesday xxx


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