Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Its June!

Hey Lovelies, no outfit post today I thought since it is now officially half way through the year I would reflect on my  Resolutions I made in January and see how I have progressed!

1. Have Better Relationships.
I think I have done this a little but I can definately improve on this!! Heres to having even better relationships for the last 6 months of the year!

2. Save Money.
Yep, doing pretty well in that department If I do say so myself!

3. Travel Overseas.
Yay, I am totally travelling overseas in November. It may only be to Australia but its a start! Next year will be somewhere different, I would like to travel somewhere different each year.

4. Laser Eye Surgery.
This is still definately on my mind, I would like to pay off my HP's first as there is the option of paying it off....will look more closely into it in a few months when the HP's are gone.

5. Re-tune for my Car.
Havent done this, however I am thinking of instead of a re-tune a new computer and a re-tune so just saving money and I will do that when the time is right, other things are more important.

6. Hair.
I havent done anything as of yet but I do have an appointment on Monday to do will have to wait and see!

7. Work.
No promotion as of yet but I am working on it! There is a position that has come up which I would like to apply for, if I dont get that I will be getting a small promotion in a few months as new jobs have been created after the Earthquake. Havent had my yearly review yet but I am doing well so be interesting to see how I do in the end and what sort of bonus/pay rise I get! I have no started studying for my first Insurance paper - eeeeeek!

8. Health.
As I had to move because of the earthquake walking to work isnt really an option but I am biking to work every day instead. I also do other excersises and hit the gym so definately got that sorted. I am definately putting in an effort to eat healthier snacks and less junk.....still working on the smaller dinner portions its so hard!

Well in conclusion I'm doing pretty well arent I?hehe. Just got to keep it up and improve on the things I can do better and keep at the others or keep working towards them. Will be interesting to reveiw again in December! June is also the first month of Winter here :( but that does mean it is now 12 days until my birthday yay!

Did you have any New Years Resolutions? How are you going?

Happy Wednesday xxx

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