Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bit of this and bit of that...

Hi Lovelies, couldnt seem to upload yesterday the internet here is a bit iffy. But Im here today! As you can see from my title I am wearing a bit of this and a bit of that - leopard print scarf, knee high boots, cut off shorts...simple yet super comfy, I got the top recently and it is so comfy and versatile.

Tights - Farmers, Shorts - Jayjays, Boots - Number 1 Shoes, Top - Valley Girl, Scarf - Trademe, Cardy - Supre

Today the government announced that some area in Christchurch are officially screwed and people wont be able to rebuild on them......unless they want to wait 3-5 years to do so which Im sure most wont. The city has been seperated into 4 zones, Red, Green, Orange and White. Green can be rebuilt on, Red cannot, Orange is still to be decided - could go to Red or Green and White hasnt been looked at yet, there is a website you can go to to check your property or your friends and family to see what zone you are in, lucky for us our home is in a Green area, however my aunty and uncle are in the white more waiting. Its been a rather depressing day these aftershocks and earthquakes really take an emotional toll on you.....words just cant describe.

BUT its Friday tomorrow and Im going to hit the town in Auckland and leave all my worrys at the door cant wait! xxx


  1. love that colour with leopard print, looks amazing!!

  2. You really have been buying a few new things lately huh? ;)
    Mm must be scary finding out about the houses, hope that you have a good time in Auckalnd :)

  3. Maaaaaaaaaaaybe but all good finds on special...well mostly lol. Just got to the parentals and heading out tonight so keen to let loose xx


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