Saturday, June 4, 2011

We aint no Professionals

Serial. I have no clue about photography nor does my bf......hence these pictures are blurry and generally shocking. I attempted to take them myself in the daylight (see bottom photo) but the sun wasnt agreeing with me AND the stupid camera will not take photos lengthways even when I turn the camera that why WTF camera? So second attempt is the bf at night where the flash makes my hair look orange grrrrrrr and blurry photos which he blames the camera for and get angry about......sigh.

On to better news, its a long weekend and tonight I am having a bu ch of mates over to celebrate my birthday yay! My birthday isnt until next weekend but my cousin is having his 21st next weekend so Im celebrating with my friends what to wear!

Blazer - Glassons, Shirt - Valley Girl, Boots - Farmers, Jeans - JayJays, Bead - Equip, Belt - Cotton On

Happy Queens Birthday everyone xxx


  1. I love it!

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