Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Blues

Hello Lovelies, The boy has been sick for the last week and Im worried Im getting it :( My throats all weird and I have a bit of a cough......Its my birthday this weekend and my cousins 21st - I really dont wanna get sick! Any tips for making sure this doesnt turn into a full blown cold?

As you probably know I love blue especially electric and I loved the colour of this dress when I saw it, I also loved the flowy soft fabric, I wore this to a friend of  friends house warming awhile ago.

Dress - Valley Girl, Tights - Farmers, Boots - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse

Not sure what Im doing here.....

Happy Wednesday everyone xxx


  1. i love this electric blue colour honey, arent you cold? its freezing in aus now

  2. Thanks chicky! This is from last month, I did wear a jacket though....and I was still cold lol

  3. love the colour - it looks great on you! ps. buying online isn't too scary, ASOS is pretty easy to buy from (keep in mind they run a little on the small side) x

  4. Thanks Jamie, I'm sure I will man up one day and buy something off ASOS. I will need a super awesome dress that no one else has in NZ for our end of year Christmas party so Im thinking ASOS is the way to go for that...


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