Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flowers and Dots

Hello Lovelies, hope you all had a lovely long weekend or normal weekend where ever you may be! Im gearing up to go back to work today, going to be debuting my new hair there.....be interesting to see who notices and their reactions!

I had a lovely long weekend consisting of good times with mates, going out for lunch, watching movies, shopping, getting my hair done, studying and visiting! Now 4 days of work then its my Birthday weekend yay!

I picked up this skirt for $11 on Trademe, it fits wonderfully and it has pockets!!

Skirt - Trademe, Wedges - Dotti, Polka dot tights - Glassons, Tee - Supre, Belt - Trendz

Right I better be off, want to slip in some gym time before work, happy Tuesday xxx

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  1. the new hair looks pretty cool - man how do you always find such good bargains on TM? I get annoyed looking on there, so I always opt for ebay hah.
    Yay for birthday weekend. they're the best!


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