Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Red Hot

Hey hey, guess what? I did a good deed today. I gave blood! I have never done it before, one of the guys at work arranged everything and a group of us went to the NZ Blood offices and we gave some blood. I was a bit nervous as I hadnt done it before and Im not a big fan of blood and needles haha. But I got through it fine and hopefully my blood saves someones life one day :)

Speaking of red things haha I got this red dress from Dotti awhile ago for like $40 not bad eh! I wore it out last month to the local.....yes I know its rather dressed up for the local but I am a female....we like to get dressed up every now and again dont we? I also dont think I mentioned that I finally (after being on a waiting list) got my Lita Spikes eeeeeeee! Pics below yo.

Dress - Dotti, Heels - Jeffrey Campbell

Lita Spikes <3

Thats all folks, off to cook tea. Happy Tuesday xxx


  1. What a hot wee dress!
    LOVE your new lita's!!!!

    Good on you for giving blood. They won't accept mine because we lived in England during the mad cow years

  2. Thanks hun! Awww thats a shame, my workmate is the same...

  3. Hahaha "speaking of red things". I loled. Lookin' GOOOD sistah, I love your dress! AND THOSE SHOES. I MUST HAVE THEM.

  4. this outfit i freaking love. the color and cut of the dress, the fab colorful pair of shoes, the necklace, wowwwwww can i burrow it??? seriously plz? i want that necklace umm where did you get it from? let me know plz???
    love the spiked lita's as well so edgy and badass, so my style


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