Friday, March 30, 2012

Goof Off

Hello Lovelies, Friday has arrived thank god!! Quite looking forward to April really, 4 day weekend next week for easter then going to Queenstown with the boy on 21st yay! These are some more pics from our trip to Auckland. Not actually liking the outfit that much in picture which bites but it was super comfy! Sometimes I like to be silly and pull stupid poses and faces cos I do feel like a knob posing for outfit pictures, even if it is just in front of my here is some outfit pics starting off with me being a douche :P

Top - JayJays, Shorts - Glassons, Flats - Warehouse

Please exscuse the wrinkly shorts too, I dont iron haha

Hope you all have a fab weekend, we are finally having our house warming tomorrow night - cant wait! Happy Friday Lovelies xxx


  1. looks great, Love it <3


  2. The color combination is great and you look super comfy which really is all that matters (shh but that's how I feel sometimes) lol. I adore those freaking shoes, too cute! Happy 21st to your babe :)


  3. great the color combo, and of course leopard print ;)


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