Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Red, White and......Black!

Hello lovely ladies (and gents) I had to pull out this lovely dress I got in Aussie again, this time I changed it up by putting a shirt over top (& making a cute pussy bow eeee) turning it into a skirt - look at me being creative!

Isnt this week going fast? Its sad how we live life hoping the week will go fast, waiting for the weekend so we can be social and get stuff I wish I could win lotto and just LIVE ya know? Actually that reminds me I must get a lotto ticket its like 20 million or somethign ridiculous this weekend......if you dont see me back here for awhile you know why haha.

Dress (worn as skirt) - Aussie, Heels - Warehouse, Shirt - Trademe, Pussy Bow - Off some shorts

Happy Hump day lovelies, Im off to watch The Big Bang Theory and eat easter eggs! xxx


  1. Ooh I love it, you look like a very cute sailor! AHOYYYYY there. If you win lotto please donate it all to me instead :) thank youuu!

  2. You look gorges :)


  3. incredible skirt and great idea with bowl around shirt collar!!

  4. wow this could be too preppy but it looks so funky and girly on you.


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