Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Oh Hai Lovelies! How is your week going? Im gearing up for the weekend - Im doing my first City to Surf eeeeek. In case you dont know what that is its walk/run/jog from the city to the surf (beach) funnily enough haha. Since I have a bung knee Im just going to do the half with James and my friend Chloe so we will be walking 6km - I am interested to see how buggered I am afterwards hehe. Totally downing a bourbon or two after to celebrate though ;)

I purchased this dress from Trademe awhile ago, I wanted more long sleeved dresses, this one is very "dainty" for me and has a bit of a 70's vibe going on. I teamed it with some trusty leopard and went for the brown and cream duo - I quite like it!

Dress & Scarf - Trademe, Belt - Cotton On, Boots - Warehouse

Happy Tuesday, Im off to watch Transformers xxx


  1. Looking good girly! :) Love the new dress!



  2. Oooh super pretty outfit! Haha I like that you will be cancelling out exercise with bourbon. Very well done haha!

    1. Thanks! Dude no way Im walking 6k's Im sure thats worth more than a bourbon....hopefully lol

  3. Love this dress and the booties are cuuute. Good luck for the weekend! Can't wait to hear how ya get on!!

    Sadie xx

    1. Thanks lovely - will be interesting indeed!


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