Friday, July 20, 2012


Hey hey, nearly the weekend again whoo hoo! Ive got a few things planned, catching up with friends, chores and Ive got a massage and a facial booked.

I hate taking pictures inside because the lighting is so crap and Im not good at figuring out cameras to see if theres something I can change on the setting haha. So yeah have some crappy inside shots peeps!

This dress is the one from Asos I bought recently, a size up woudl have been better. I also realised how short it is when I had it on - I wouldnt be able to wear it without tights which just annoys me so I decided to sell it. It got snapped up pretty fast!

Dress - Asos, Jacket & Heels - Cotton On

Happy Weekend Lovelies xxx


  1. Hi! Love your outfit! Just found your blog today and i´m a new follower :) Follow my blog back, hun

    1. Glad you like chicky, Ill be sure to check your blog out xx


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