Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sisters are doing it for themselves!

Hi Lovelies, how is your week going? Mine isnt going too bad, neither fantastic nor crap so cant complain I guess haha. Im looking for an early night tonight though, desperately need a good sleep!

If your wondering what I am on about in the title of the post I took these photos myself with my tripod. Everytime I took photos with my tripod they came out complete crap and blurry, my darling bf then replaced a nut which he happened to notice was missing and boom problem solved - no blurry pictures whoo hoo! So if the bf isnt available I can take my own pictures yay! As you can see the first couple of pictures the lighting was a bit intense, I also quite like the affect as well though so kept them in :)  

 Peplum top - Mum, Skirt - Dotti, Flats - Warehouse, Collar necklace - Giveaway

 Happy Tuesday Lovelies xxx


  1. That chain mail necklace is amazing! I love the shape of your top too. X

  2. loveee your hair!!
    looks so pretty

  3. Loveee the skirt.
    Your hair is amazing too!

    Be Frassy

  4. I love experimenting with lights in my photos, they can make a basic photo so much more interesting. Your shoes are so cute, I need to get more lace up shoes, they are so cute xo

  5. Love the outfit the dip dye blue hair and blue shirt balance the outfit out

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  6. love the skirt, it looks awesome with your hair! x

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments! xx

  8. haha yay for taking pics yourself! it is a lot more time-consuming though when you have to use the tripod and self-timer yourself. your top is really cute btw- love the ruffles!


    1. Yeah its interesting haha. Thanks hun! xx


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