Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Antonio Hall Shoot

Hi hi! As promised here are some of the shots from the photoshoot I did recently at Antonio Hall, its a massive abandoned building here in Christchurch that used to be a boarding school. Kinda creepy and of course been damaged by earthquakes too but a super fun project! If you were expecting pretty and bright pictures think again aha it was mostly dark looks and alot of black clothing, I like doing different things so I thought it was fun :)

Happy Hump Day Lovelies xxx


  1. Great post !

    Great outfit !! :)



  2. wow, these are fantastic, you look amazing! especially love the first and the third pics xx

  3. that building definitely has some deep and dark history attached to it! LOVE these photos. the third one is super creepy in my opinion. Bit scared looking at it lol but this just means you achieved what you were going for!

  4. Very cool, I love the contrast between the different looks :)

  5. Hey there! These are great shots, was wondering how you got inside the building as I would love to take some inside.


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