Friday, September 28, 2012

Europe Trip - Florence, Pisa & Monaco

Hi Lovelies, TGIF huh? Not a bad Friday so far, free carrot cake at work then after work drinks!
Today I have more holiday snaps for you of Florence, Italy, Pisa and Monaco. Florence was nice, not as busy as Rome and Venice, we chilled out, looked around, shopped, ate and of course got some Gelato. Pisa we only stopped to look at the leaning tower, thats pretty much all thats there haha. Then Monaco we didnt stop for long either, we had some time to look around, take some snaps, see some sites and.......have some Gelato!
I might break my pictures up a bit with an outfit picture in between so ya'll dont get too bored. Stick around!

Me with Florence behind me
Cool bridge!
Random people dressed up in Florence
More statues....
The worlds oldest Gelato shop thats still open
Italy has "Phamacia's" everywhere & they all have this sign thingee!
The leaning tower! Its definately on the piss :P
Dont worry I'll hold it up!
They had Duff in Pisa
Our ride to the leaning tower
Pretty self explanatory lol
View of Monaco
Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Monaco
Princess Grace's grave in the Cathedral
The Palace
View of Monaco
One of Princess Caroline's houses
More pretty view
Thats all folks, have a great weekend! Happy Friday xxx


  1. So beautiful!!!! love your pics dear!!! x

  2. Fun!! :D awesome photos :) hope you're having a good weekend girly!


  3. Awesome photos :)
    The statue of David looks heaps different in person aye? His head looks enormous compaired to his body


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